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The first step to building a tiny home is understanding what you currently have and what is needed to start!


From tiny house plans to trailers designed specifically to build a house on, we have what you need to quickly get started on your project.


Don’t have the time to build your own house? Let us build it. We can build you a shell if you still want to be involved in the build process and add your finishing touches, or a fully finished move-in ready house if you’d rather be hands off.


Who Are We?

We will work closely with you to find and create all the finishing touches you like for your unit. Leave all the building, wiring, hard work to us. We can ship your fully ready unit to your door and have it ready to use.

In just a few weeks you can have your very own ready to use tiny home. Contact our office to discuss how to get a Paraiso Tiny Home in your back yard today.

Our Community

Tiny Homes are a much needed service right now for a lot of people struggling to pay the rent, or even if you might want to offset the cost of your mortgage with a new rental income. Not to mention with the new mortgage rules in place, some of our children as they are getting ready to find a home for themselves. Are finding that they are incapable of securing enough financing to get a house with the raising costs of homes in Canada. Or that the mortgage would just be more then they can afford at this time in their lives.




Tobamery, ON


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