The Need for Affordable housing has never been greater

As we began this quest to create Tiny Homes for the public a few years ago, a lot has since happened and the need for affordable housing has never been greater then now. Before the need was great, however now, we are in such a true dire need across North America and the world for that matter.

There was and still is a lot of people in the world struggling to find affordable housing. The cost in Canada for housing has become much more then what a typical family can sometimes afford. With more guidelines to qualify for a mortgage, most would have to save for the down payments which could range anywhere from 5% to 20%
it has made it very difficult for a typical family to be able to achieve that dream and that was just to apply. Think about that what is 5% of a 500,000 dollar house? That works out to $25,000 plus closing cost, lawyer, inspection, lets just round up to 30 thousand to just be able to qualify. And that was at the low end of the down payment. What if you had to do 20%? that down payment would be a whopping$100,000 cash down. That is darn near impossible for a normal family.

How can a family save 25 to 100 thousand while still renting, paying for your car or other transport, heat, and don’t forget somewhere you have to buy food to eat. And if you have kids, well you may as well forget about qualifying for a house.

And this is where Paraiso Tiny Homes became a thought for us. We saw our extended family, nieces and nephews. Having a hard time getting a house. We met ladies, and men struggling to find some to rent that they could afford. As the houses or even rooms they had been renting were no longer an option due to the owners selling the house they lived in to cash in on the insane housing prices they blew up.

However, since all of that, which helped us create the idea and understand the true need of a Tiny Home and helping create some sort of, a lot has since happened. And I can sum it up with one word. “Covid”. With the Government mandated lockdowns to help stop or at very least control the spread of this virus. The side effect of that action has been wide spread job loss as well as full on businesses that just could no longer stay open. After all there was no sales, customers, or revenue. Just this last month we have seen the highest ever job loss recorded in Canadian history here you can read that news article here

With so many people having a hard time before just to save or qualify for a home. And now with mass unemployment as well as expensive rent costs. There has never been a greater need then now for Tiny Homes.

Paraiso Tiny Homes has a solutions that can help in two ways:
affordable homes for those who wants the comfort, same facilities as home without the high costs of utilities, hydro, maintenance & land taxes.

As well, Paraiso Tiny Homes can help existing home owners create an additional stream of income by having a Paraiso Tiny homes on their property without compromising their own personal main house space.

Paraiso Tiny homes is available to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to message us & follow us on Facebook & Youtube to learn more on How we can help you today.

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Why a Tiny Home you may ask?

In years past, we all thought and some dreamed of owning a big house, mansions even. Equipped with swimming pools, maids, and even a fully finished basement for your theater, and movie viewing experience. So why a tiny home you may ask?

In todays difficult economy, some people are finding it hard, if not impossible to even build up enough money for a down payment on a typical house. Much less a mansion with a pool or theater room. Not to mention the cost of housing is going through the roof (pun intended). Every year the cost of living not to mention the cost of housing is rising. And if your like most of us, your pay, is not climbing at the same pace. We are making less and the cost of everything is going up and up.

People are downsizing, some dramatically big houses are out of reach for most of us. And no longer make much sense. Many people are wondering “Why do we need that formal dinning room that we never use”?, or “the 4th bedroom since the kids have long ago moved out, or gone to collage”. With the continued loss of or difficult time gaining good employment. Down sizing has just become a fact of life. Honestly, how much space do you really need? Or can you really afford?

Paraiso Tiny Homes can help you in several ways. Taking up only a small area in your yard. You can buy one of our models, please it in your back yard. And create additional income for you, and your family. We started ourselves by placing a unit in our back yard. It rents for $800 a month. What could/would you do with an additional $800 a month. There is a big chunk of your household mortgage right there. Without the uncomfortable feeling of having someone in your house with you. Nope, they are outside in their own little unit. Not in your house with your family. Which alot of people understandably feel rather uncomfortable with.

Or, you could buy a unit, and a small parcel of land and have us drop it off for you. Cost to build our units will undoubtedly be so much cheaper then the cost of a brand new house. That at this time might be more then you can afford, or just to big. You could even start in a Paraiso Tiny Home model and stay in there while you save or build your dream home in a non rushed pace. You could even buy one of our models and drop it off in someone’s back yard that you made an agreement with. No land to buy no building for them to do. Its a win win for everyone.

Paraiso Tiny Homes are built with the best materials. And with love and care for you to feel safe, warm and comfortable in. You would be surprised just how warm and spacious we can make it. We like to use the 2 floor models to make every unit feel even more spacious.

We welcome all calls to discuss your ideas, and see if we can make your Tiny Home ideas a reality. Paraiso Tiny Homes, we make every tiny home feel like paradise.